Complimentary Coaching – February 2020

👋 #OfferingHelp:

💬 – Would you like to have a conversation to focus on what is important, gain clarity and find a way forward that works for you?

⏳ – Will you dedicate 1-hour of your time to have this conversation?

🟢 – Would you like to work on this together?

I am offering 3 *Complimentary* Executive Coaching sessions to you over the next few months so we can both grow.

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About Me: I’ve had a varied professional career including Frontier Enforcement & Customs; Sports Federation Operations; and Hairdressing management. I am currently completing a Graduate Diploma in Executive Coaching with the IMI.

What is “Coaching”?:

Coaching is partnering with a coachee in a thought-provoking and creative process to inspire their potential.

What “Coaching” is not:

Coaching is finding the potential within you, and it is my role to guide you towards it.

Expectations for you:

Coaching sessions of up to 1-hour incl. 2-way feedback.

Sessions are available in Feb, Mar & Apr 2021.

Expectations for me:

Folks with:

an open mind; and

willing to provide feedback after the session.

Where: Online

Cost: Zip, Nada, Zilch.